Thursday, June 2, 2011

Corrine's FHI Junior Asian Chefs Challenge experience

Our first meeting was held at ToTT Store in November 2010. Some we had worked together before, some were acquaintances, while others were new. I remembered how we sat around the table, trying to be as comfortable as possible with people we have never seen before, not knowing who will be the ones fighting hand in hand with you on this culinary battle field.

Time was running out and we needed to gel quickly. All of us!

Nick, Tiffany and I were selected for the FHI 2011 Junior Asian Chefs Challenge which took place on the 7th April 2011. Prior to the competition we experimented on dishes, each and every component, to see what worked and work didn't. We received valuable feedback from our advisors, and made necessary changes each time we practised. We finally confirmed the menu we would be working on.

Upon our arrival at the hotel, we realised that certain ingredients were damaged along the way and could not be used. Equipments broke and we had to search the supermarkets the night we arrive. The team’s spirit was very down, and everyone was already feeling tired on the first day.

We were scheduled for competition on the third day of the trip. On the secong day, we did our mise en place with the help of Chef Tian Mu and Chef Athejo in the hotel’s production kitchen. We thank the hotel's chefs for there generousity and kind hospitality, even though they themselves participated in the event.

On the third day, the competition day, we woke up very early in the morning and did a final check on all the items needed to be at the hall. Caught up in a little jam, hiccups here and there, and we finally reached our destination. When it was the team’s turn to do kitchen set up, we realized that the stove wasn’t working well, the chiller broke down and we needed to be flexible with our initial plans. The technicians came in a while and managed to fix the chiller, which was a great relieve to us!

The two hours marathon started and we did nothing but the best, at least to our ability. Some equipments did not work and we ran short of time after the first hour but we knew we had to press on. Chef Tian Mu and Chef Athejo had been taken for a roller-coaster ride for the solid two hours, being absolutely anxious for us, while the team members were pushing on to complete and perfect the final touches.

At long last, the results were announced and we did not managed to clinch a Gold Medal for the club. Although our emotions we low, we were not defeated. We just knew we had to do a self- reflection and perform better in our next competition!

Fight on!

Best Culinary Spirits,
Corinne Ruth

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Hans Bueschken Global Junior Chef Challenge Asia selection experience

Sweaty palms, racing heart, intense stare- emotions of an individual awaiting the news: the good or bad.

After lugging bags of mis en place to training for months, the day was here. I donned the ever pristine chef white; not an ordinary chef jacket- one with the nation’s flag. The pressure was on my shoulders, the eyes were set on me. It was do or die, make or break. I had to do it, I had to. The heart was heavy as I walked into the competition ground; I said one last prayer and started doing my thing. After four gruelling hours, appetizer, main course and dessert were served, eight portions each. I took a step back along with a breath of relief. It was a moment I’ve been waiting for, a moment I looked forward to. To dish out what I intended to on time, at the right temperature(s), the correct texture(s).

The hours that followed were taking a toll as we were awaiting the results to be announced a day later. It was here. The defining moment we have been waiting for. All those encouragements, well wishes, prayers, were they going to be heard, to be answered? “The Champion of the Hans Bueschkens Asia Selection goes to, Singapore!” That very point in time, there were too many thoughts going through my head, too many people I want to thank, far too many emotions that I could ever put in words. It was this moment that enabled me to affirm my achievements to date. To know I can do what I said I could. It was a humbling experience, in a very special way.

The ride was tough, but sure it was worth it. To look back and ask if I could do it all over again, I don’t know. But I know, I’ve proven to myself to not doubt what these hands can do. The silent heroes that rendered help along the way, I’m grateful.

Sean Lim
Winner of Hans Bueschken Global Junior Chef Challenge Asia selection

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SJCC Membership for Work Year 2011/2012

Dear Members and Friends,

Application and renewal for SJCC membership WY 11/12 is officially close. Please make your payment to the respective liasion officers by 27th May 2011:

ITE : Mr Benjamin Tan
RP : Mr Ignatius Leong
SHATEC : Mr Adrian Fun
TP (BCS) : Mr Gary Lim 
TP (TCA/CIA) : Ms Lillian Lim

Membership for all existing WY 10/11 members will be terminated.

We thank you for your support.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Outgoing President's Message

Dear Members and Friends of SJCC,

As most of you may have already known, and for those who are unaware of, I have stepped down from my role as President of the club since SCA Annual General Meeting in February this year. After serving two years as Head of Activities and five years as President, I decided it is time to make room for new blood, and allow new growth to the club, by taking a step back.

Nevertheless, I will not be completely out of the picture. I will still serve SJCC in its Public Relations whilst advising the new President of the club.

The past five years have been a great learning journey for me. It has also given me the privilege and opportunity to meet many professional Chefs and people in our industry, both in Singapore and abroad, far possibly than I could have. I would like to thank my mentors Chef Jasmine Ng and Eileen Phua for their tremendous support and guidance. They have been patient in teaching and I have acquired much from them. Things from attention to details to organization to people skills, the list goes on. They taught me that young chefs should not be afraid of making mistakes but make it an opportunity to learn from the mistakes made instead. They gave us the freedom to organize what, we, young chefs would be interested in, while always watching carefully at each step we took; guiding us when we required assistance and bringing us back on track when we strayed. I would also like to thank every one of you, especially my dear committee, who have given me utmost support and dedicated much of their personal time and service to the club.

Since we started the club in 2004, being the first junior chefs club to be formed in Asia, the club has been the catalyst, and benchmark of many young chefs clubs around the world. We have consistently stood by our vision and mission of inspiring and nurturing young chefs, by continually seeking fresh ideas and organizing educating activities for our members. Through these we encourage and inspire them to be much better chefs they can be of tomorrow. In the past year, we further introduced the Singapore Junior Culinary Team, which would officially represent the club and SCA in internationally competitions. Members have the opportunity to be tutored under professional chefs and excel themselves.

Together with the help of SCA, a distinguished organization which bonds and brands Singapore chefs, we have climbed great heights. I wish to thank the committee of SCA for their huge support and faith in us all these years.
As this chapter ends with a sweet aroma, a new chapter begins with adventure. I have passed this baton and important responsibility to Elvin Chew, the new President of the club. I am sure he will definitely do well and continue our traditions of inspiring and nurturing young chefs. I hope you will give him and the club as much support as you have given me.

Best Culinary Spirits,
Jasper Jek
President (2006-2011)
Singapore Junior Chefs Club

Thursday, May 12, 2011

SJCC Fund Raising for Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

In aid of relief efforts in crisis hit Japan, Singapore Junior Chefs Club managed to raise a total of $10,000 through baking and selling cookies. The estimated number of cookies sold were 40,500 pieces.

All proceeds have been donated through the Singapore Chefs Association to the Singapore Red Cross Society Japan Disaster Fund.

This project by SJCC has led our young chefs to learn that their skills and expertise can be used for much wider causes, and that our profession plays an important integral role in people and the environment.

We would like to thank Phoon Huat, Pastry Mart, FoodXervices, Mr. James Tan and Family, Mr. Desmond Lim Kian Peng and Family for their generous support in us by donating the ingredients for this charity.

This project was accomplished with the fullest support from Temasek Polytechnic, School of Applied Science (Dip in Baking & Culinary Science), Chef Gary Lim, SJCC Committee and Junior Culinary Team, and all young chefs who contributed their time and effort. We would also like to thank all who had purchased the cookies and donated for this cause.

More photos here

Thursday, April 14, 2011

SJCC Membership Renewal

Dear SJCC Members,

For membership renewal, please CLICK HERE. All renewal application strictly closes on the 23th May 2011.

To submit your application form & fees, please approach the following Liasion Officers from respective institutes:

- At-Sunrice Global Chefs Academy (SR) : Ms Pearly Wong
- Institute of Technical Education (ITE) : Chef Benjamin Tan
- Republic Polytechnic (RP) : Chef Ignatius Leong
- SHATEC Institute (SHA) : Chef Adrian Fun
- Temasek Polytechnic (BCS) : Chef Gary Lim
- Temasek Polytechnic (TCA/CIA) : Chef Lillian Lim
- ICASTEC : Chef Johnathan Tan

Your membership will be terminated if we do not received any update from you after 23th May 2011.For more information, please email Joab Wang at

We thank you for your support.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Magical Culinary Journey Awaits YOU !!

About SJCC Click HERE 
A Magical Culinary Journey awaits you to be part of the Singapore Junior Chefs Club active members.
Membership strictly closes on 23rd May 2011. 
To download SJCC Membership Application Form / Renewal, please CLICK HERE
For more information, please email Joab Wang at

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SJCC HoTchef Team Challenge 2011

Dear SJCC members, the much anticipated SJCC HoTchef Team Challenge 2011 is finally here.

Lastest application and submission of recipes:
29 April 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SJCC Fund Raising

Dear Chefs and Friends of SJCC,

In aid of relief efforts in crisis hit Japan, Singapore Junior Chefs Club (SJCC) will be baking and selling cookies to help raise funds. Each tub of Chocolate Cookies (approx 400g) at $10/- . 

For orders please email Elvin Chew at or any other SJCC committee members.The dateline for the ordering is Wednesday (23th March 2011). 

Our target for this fund raising is aleast 5K and all donation will go to Red Cross Singapore in aid of the crisis in Japan.

This Fund Raising is proudly supported by Temasek Polytechnic, School of Applied Science (Diploma in Baking & Culinary Science).

The Cookie will be baked and packed by SJCC Committee, Junior Culinary Team and our members at Temasek Polytechnic.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Blood; Old Recipe

Year 2011; a new beginning, a continuation, a journey we started barely a year ago. The Singapore Junior Chefs Club Culinary Team started off strong with an encouraging accolade of 1st Runner up at the 2010 Penang Chefs Challenge. The team was led by me, Sean Lim. Together with Benedict Yong, Corinne Ruth and Tiffany Wee. Not forgetting the ever supportive Team Assistants, Eunice Koh, Lays Poh and Ammierul. Since then, the team has grown to eleven members strong. The latest addition to the team will allow talents to be groomed and wider horizons to be exposed to discerning young culinarians- the aim and grounding principle(s) the Singapore Junior Chefs Club was set up for.

Two thousand eleven will be an exhilarating year for the SJCC Culinary Team with a line up of regional competitions like Food Hotel Indonesia and Battle of the Chefs, Penang 2011. Not forgetting the highly anticipated Hofex- WACs Hansbusken Junior Chef Competition Asia Selection 2011. This is a competition whereby young culinarians 25 and below battle it out to earn a spot in the Hansbusken Junior Chef Competition Korea 2012. A prestigious and adrenaline driving competition awaits the team.

The team’s intensive training sessions will be scrutinized under the watchful eyes of Chef Elvin Chew and Chef Tian Mu. Advice from our Nation’s culinary powerhouses, Chef Otto Weibel, Chef Eric Teo and Chef Tony Khoo will ensure a stronghold of defence against our regional and world competitors. With a wealth of experience and knowledge supporting us, the youth team hopes to fly the Nation’s flag high and mighty like our mentors have.

Together as a team we believe only hard work pays off. Talent is a gift and for those who lack, diligence ultimately compensates. Humility keeps us grounded and results are secondary compared to lessons and experiences gained in ethical competition.

Best Culinary Spirits,
Sean Lim

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

WACS Asian Presidents Forum 2010

The World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) Asian Presidents Forum was held in Daejon, Korea, from the 3rd to 4th September 2010. I was privileged to be part of the Singapore delegation to attend the Forum. Together with me, Singapore was represented by Edmund Toh, Vice-President of Singapore Chefs Association (SCA) and Jenny Tan, Branding and Communications of SCA.

It was a meeting of the Presidents of the various chefs associations in Asia. The meeting was chaired by WACS Asia Continental Director John Sloane. Along with him were President of WACS, Gissur Gudmundsson, WACS Continental Director for Africa and Middle East, Arnold Tanzer, and WACS Continental Director for Pacific Region, Glenn Austin. Also present, besides the respective associations’ presidents, were Cassandra Hayden, representing Women in WACS, and Charles Carroll who is coordinating the WACS Congress 2012. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I have read one of Charles Carroll’s books before, entitled Leadership lessons from a Chef: Finding time to be great.

The meeting was fruitful with many topics being discussed. Presidents of the various associations took to the podium and shared with their fellow counterparts the on goings of their association. Hong Kong Young Chefs Club, like us SJCC, had a representative for the meeting and shared on her club. The HKYCC has been doing great, and has had recent overseas exchange programs.

I briefed on our club and the perspectives our committee had on giving focus to young chefs for our profession’s future, being patient to young chefs and their mistakes, and guiding and encouraging young chefs in their work in junior chefs clubs. I also highlighted that each club can be unique and is perfectly fine to differ from one another, so long as it remains focus to the primary goal which is to inspire and guide young chefs. (E.g. some clubs are strong in competitions, some focus on membership figures; some do not have as many activities, while others are at their early forming stage)

President Gissur also gave us insights on new initiatives in WACS, such as Chefs Without Borders (A humanitarian aid project which chefs can play a big part in) and WACS’ endorsement of culinary institutions.

There were also paper presentations on Korean Food, WACS Congress 2012, and a Honey Candy making presentation (which reminded me of the Chinese Dragon Beard Candy). The Korean Chefs Association was a warm host, making sure there were translators around wherever we go, hosting us to sumptuous receptions, including a reception and outdoor concert graced by the Mayor of Daejon city.

Apart from getting used to having lots of Kimchi and Samgyetang, it was a productive trip of networking and gaining useful information to be shared with my committee and members.

Jasper Jek
Singapore Junior Chefs Club

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SJCC RWS Tour Article

Land of Far Far away

IT WAS a hot Saturday morning for a group of future young chefs to visit the land of Far Far Away showcasing lifestyles of the rich and fairy tales’ fantasy characters living within tall, graceful walls sweeping over a pavilion-covered courtyard.

On the 16th of October 2010, the Singapore Junior Chefs Club (SJCC) organized an educational tour '' Discovering the New World – SJCC Educational Tour " to the Resort World Sentosa. Members from the SJCC get a chance to discover a whole new world that is truly rewarding. Resorts World Sentosa, is the leisure and gaming company that owns and operates Singapore’s biggest Integrated Resort, a 49-hectare development which is located on Singapore's holiday island of Sentosa.
 The tour started on with warm welcoming refreshment prepared by a team of professional chefs at the Leo’s meeting room. We had a unique variety of food ranging from oven baked mini pizza, beautiful danish pastry to freshly steamed Tim sum and homemade sandwiches accompanied with coffee and tea. Our member’s definitely enjoyed the food prepared specially for us.
Thereafter, our members proceeded into the meeting room for a short introduction and presentation of the resort world’s daily operations. The sharing session was conducted by Chef Edmund Toh, the Executive Chef of the Hotels & Casino, Chef John Sloane, the Vice President of Food & Beverage and Chef Alan Orreal, the culinary production Manager from the Universal Studios Singapore. The session was indeed inspiring and enlightening for our young future chefs.
Soon after, our tour takes on a magical swing when our members break into groups of four and began their extraordinary VIP Tour in the universal studios Singapore. Princess Fiona, Shrek’s, Puss in Boots and the talking donkey from the land of Far Far Away castle came alive
that takes our experience into a whole new level with lots of pleasant surprises and good food provided during the tour.
Besides the Universal Studios Singapore, our members were amazed to visit the spectacular range of six world-class luxurious

hotels and places such as Osia, Palio, Rotunda, Crockfords Tower, Feng Shui Inn, Boulangerie, Fiesta & Pool, Bagus CafĂ©, Starz, Pool, Cabana, Coliseum, Compass Ballroom and Central Production.
Of course, the good times ended in a swift when we eventually parted from resorts world Sentosa, marking the closure of our short but memorable tour. On behalf of my Chairman and President, we would like to thank the staffs from the resorts world Sentosa for their tremendous hospitality for hosting such a wonderful and memorable Education tour for our SJCC members.
We really appreciate all the efforts that made this a successful tour and I am sure that our members are definitely looking forward for another wonderful event organized by the Singapore Junior Chefs Club.

Thank You.

Joab Wang
Events & Activities
Singapore Junior Chefs' Club
The Youth Arm of Singapore Chefs Association

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Women in WACS

Ladies, do join World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) in its Women in WACS initiative. The initiative strives to increase visibility of women chefs worldwide as well as supporting them in their efforts to advance their careers while balancing work and family. Join the Group!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Discovering the New World with SJCC

8 More Days
For the Most EXCITING Tour
With the Singapore Junior Chefs Club


Dear Successful Participant's,

next week SATURDAY,
don't forget our Date at the Resort World Sentosa. 
please check your e-mail for Tour Details.

any queries,please email me,
Joab Wang at   



Saturday, October 2, 2010


1 October 2010 – The battle of the food gladiators continues, with the first ever Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) Young Chef Pencil Box Culinary Challenge held in Singapore this week. This iron chef style battle amongst the young gladiators consisted of leading students from different culinary institutes battling it out to create innovative and inspiring dishes of Australian beef and lamb.

The winner for the inaugural event went to Karolyn Chua, a trainee student from At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy . Currently attached at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Chua won the challenge with her creativity and technical skills. “I feel relieved but at the same time happy, as I felt uncertain about what to create when I saw the ingredients at first” said Chua after the unveiling of the results. Chua trained religiously two to three times a week in preparation for the challenge. “I have learned a lot from my instructor during this period of time and this challenge has definitely exposed me to much more knowledge about food and cooking”.

Held previously only in Korea , the MLA Young Chef Culinary Pencil Box Challenge arrived on our shores for the first time this year! MLA has brought this competition to Singapore to recognise the high standard of culinary institutes here and the high level of professional students which are training to become Chefs. The aim of the challenge is to encourage creativity amongst young chefs to individually prepare a main sized portion of Australian beef and lamb, as the centrepiece ingredient, within the pressure of a competitive environment.

What makes this challenge different from others is that the ingredient list is kept confidential until before the actual competition starts. Unlike other competitions, the unique style of the Pencil Box is that after the unveil of the mystery ingredients, the participants are given half an hour to plan their menu and afterwards, two dishes are required and two portions of each must be prepared during the competition on the same day which will last one and a half hour and be presented to the judges for scrutiny!

The on the spot challenge was led by judging panel, Alan Palmer, MLA’s official Young Chef Pencil Box Culinary Challenge coordinator, Chef Yen Koh, executive chef of Unilever Food Solutions and William Gibb Taylor, course manager of ITE. “It is not just about the results but most importantly, the process and the experience the students can walk away with” Palmer said before the prize presentation.

The sponsors for the challenge include Stanbroke Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore Chef Association, Shatec Institutes’, and Unilever Food Solutions.

Chua took home a gold medal and S$1,000 in cash! The first runner up went to Creasperson A Carlos from Shatec Institutes’ and the second runner up went to Kelvin Tan from Temasek Culinary Academy . They each received a medal and S$500 and S$250 in cash!

As the curtains draws to a close, the MLA Young Chef Pencil Box Culinary Challenge was a success and hopefully it will come back bigger and better the next time round!