Saturday, July 12, 2008

Website of the Month: Alinea

Website of the Month: Alinea
This month we feature If you love beauty, this is definately a website you should catch. Not only does it contain many beautiful photos of creative dishes, its restaurant itself looks modern and sophisticated. Yes, its "Home" page does look a little dull though, but wait till you inch alittle further into its neatly catergorize subpages, will you find the hidden gems.
Alinea Restaurant was opened in 2005 and has won many awards ever since. Among them are Best Restaurant in America by Gourmet magazine (2006) and Jean Banchet Award - Best Fine Dining (2007). A scroll of its subpage "press" shows a never-ending list of reviews by press from around the world.
What I love most about the website are the crystal clear high resolution pictures of the fine creative dishes. Scrolling the gallery reminisces looking through old camera films. I wonder if you call their creations avant-garde, but I believe they invest alot on technology, such as with the company PolyScience, and also on their unique tablewares.
Check out this website and you might find Beauty...
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Jasper Jek
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Invitation to WYPALL* ExploraQuest Singapore

Invitation to WYPALL* ExploraQuest Singapore

Guys, form a team of 5 and take part in this exciting game... Lotsa Prizes awaiting to be Won...

The very First ExploraQuest is now in town! ExploraQuest is designed as a walk-about adventure race based on the theme of "the quest of versatility and sensory delights". There will be lots of actions, lots of adventure and loads of fun. The most exciting part would be this event is brought to you absolutely FREE OF CHARGE! The event will be held on 19th July 2008 (Saturday) at the Singapore River.

Prizes:Champions - SGD $1,500 + Trophy + WYPALL* Products
Runners Up - SGD $700 + Trophy + WYPALL* Products
3rd Placing - SGD $500 + Trophy + WYPALL* Products
4th Placing - SGD $350 + Trophy + WYPALL* Products

Read Details and Registration forms below

Interested Parties, please approach your institution's Liaison Officer to register A.S.A.P