Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fassler Educational Fieldtrip

Fassler Educational Fieldtrip

The value of expriencing the whole production process of smoked salmon is immense and important for our culinary knowledge. Therefore, the Singapore Junior Chefs Club (SJCC) has ideally organised an educational trip to Fassler Gourmet Singapore,one of the finest smoked houses in the region.

As many as forty of our enthusiastic SJCC members took part in the event. Upon arrival, we were honoured to be greeted by the owner Mr fassler, who is also a specialist Smoke Master and has notched up his brand, over the years.

During the tour, there were many highlights. We saw the whole process of smoked salmon from the trimming of the fish to curing it and up to the point before it was loaded into the smoking machines. Besides producing smoked salmon, Fassler Gourmet produces other products such as smoked markerel, smoked snowfish, smoked salmon terrine, herb salmon terrine, sauces and many more. After the tour we were invited for a food tasting session on their products and our members were even more delighted when they were able to purchase their products directly from their huge walk-in chiller.

Providing a close-up session of tasting, talking and exchanging ideas, the Fassler Gourmet trip was indeed a successful one. Along with passionate and enthusiastic people, SJCC will organise more interesting and exciting events in the near future as we hope tha t at the same time we can inspire, motivate and leave a lasting impression to all our young and aspiring chefs.

With Culinary Spirits,
Athejo Chia
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