Monday, January 17, 2011

New Blood; Old Recipe

Year 2011; a new beginning, a continuation, a journey we started barely a year ago. The Singapore Junior Chefs Club Culinary Team started off strong with an encouraging accolade of 1st Runner up at the 2010 Penang Chefs Challenge. The team was led by me, Sean Lim. Together with Benedict Yong, Corinne Ruth and Tiffany Wee. Not forgetting the ever supportive Team Assistants, Eunice Koh, Lays Poh and Ammierul. Since then, the team has grown to eleven members strong. The latest addition to the team will allow talents to be groomed and wider horizons to be exposed to discerning young culinarians- the aim and grounding principle(s) the Singapore Junior Chefs Club was set up for.

Two thousand eleven will be an exhilarating year for the SJCC Culinary Team with a line up of regional competitions like Food Hotel Indonesia and Battle of the Chefs, Penang 2011. Not forgetting the highly anticipated Hofex- WACs Hansbusken Junior Chef Competition Asia Selection 2011. This is a competition whereby young culinarians 25 and below battle it out to earn a spot in the Hansbusken Junior Chef Competition Korea 2012. A prestigious and adrenaline driving competition awaits the team.

The team’s intensive training sessions will be scrutinized under the watchful eyes of Chef Elvin Chew and Chef Tian Mu. Advice from our Nation’s culinary powerhouses, Chef Otto Weibel, Chef Eric Teo and Chef Tony Khoo will ensure a stronghold of defence against our regional and world competitors. With a wealth of experience and knowledge supporting us, the youth team hopes to fly the Nation’s flag high and mighty like our mentors have.

Together as a team we believe only hard work pays off. Talent is a gift and for those who lack, diligence ultimately compensates. Humility keeps us grounded and results are secondary compared to lessons and experiences gained in ethical competition.

Best Culinary Spirits,
Sean Lim